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Don't Be Left In The Dark

It's not a matter of if the power will go out, it's a matter of when. Prepare yourself with a Cummins natural gas whole house backup generator.

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This Board is OFF The Grid

Verdegy installs lighting package that is 100% Green and completely off the grid using only renewable energy from the sun and wind.


The Power Of Partnerships.

We've partnered with the BEST energy and
telecommunication companies on the market.
Each handpicked and optimized to help your
business at maximum efficiency!

Utilities. Unified.

Whether you're looking for Internet, Voice, Wireless
or Local Access –we'll set you up with the very best
service at the lowest possible price.

Why We Exist.

To put you back in control, saving you time,
saving you money and freeing you to do what
you do best - run your business.

Harness The Wind & Save.

Get Some environmental curb appeal and save
some green. Make a bold environmental statement
with our hybrid wind & solar light pole.

Looking To Save On Residential Energy?

We can help. Through our partnerships, we’re able to provide you with some of the lowest prices in the industry. It's easy to save money and just as easy to switch!


We Now Offer Wind Energy Solutions

windMake a bold environmental statement with our hybrid wind/solar light pole.